Buddhism Between Tibet and China - Table of Contents



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ISBN 9780861715817

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Transcription Conventions
Introduction: Mediations and Margins (Matthew T. Kapstein)

Part I: Sites of Encounter

1: The Treaty Temple of the Turquoise Grove (Matthew T. Kapstein)
2: The Commissioner’s Commissions: Late-Thirteenth-Century Tibetan and Chinese Buddhist Art in Hangzhou under the Mongols (Rob Linrothe)
3: Dabaojigong and the Regional Tradition of Ming Sino-Tibetan Painting in the Kingdom of Lijiang (Karl Debreczeny)

Part II: Missions from the Frontiers

4: Tibetan Buddhism, Perceived and Imagined, along the Ming-Era Sino-Tibetan Frontier (Elliot Sperling)
5: The “Reverend Chinese” (Gyanakpa tsang) at Labrang Monastery (Paul Nietupski)
6: Gangkar Rinpoché between Tibet and China: A Tibetan Lama among Ethnic Chinese in the 1930s to 1950s (Carmen Meinert)

Part III: The Modern Chinese Discovery of Tibetan Buddhism

7: Translating Buddhism from Tibetan to Chinese in Early-Twentieth-Century China (1931–1951) (Gray Tuttle)
8: Tibetan Learning in the Contemporary Chinese Yogãcãra School (Zhihua Yao)
9: The “Chinese Lama” nenghai (1886–1967): Doctrinal Tradition and Teaching Strategies of a Gelukpa Master in Republican China (Ester Bianchi)

Part IV: China and the Dalai Lama in the Twentieth Century

10: The Thirteenth Dalai Lama’s Visit to Beijing in 1908: In Search of a new Kind of Chaplain-Donor Relationship (Fabienne Jagou)
11: The Taiwanese Connection: Politics, Piety, and Patronage in Transnational Tibetan Buddhism (Abraham Zablocki) 

Tibetan Spelling List
Chinese Glossary