Buddhism Between Tibet and China - Praise



480 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861715817

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“In this outstanding collection of essays, eleven authors explore in fascinating detail the 1,300-year history of Sino-Tibetan relations and, in so doing, not only upend the conventional narrative about this encounter, but also provide a model for future research on the role that Buddhism played in shaping historical interactions across Eurasia. Indeed, on account of this larger theoretical concern and its important implications for our understanding of Asian history, let us hope that this volume receives the wide readership it so rightfully deserves.”—The Journal of Asian Studies

Buddhism Between Tibet and China, under the careful editorship of Matthew T. Kapstein and with the collaboration of ten exceptionally well qualified specialists, reveals that the relationship between ‘the Rooftop of the World and the Middle Kingdom has not always been one of revolt and repression. Rather, what we find in this highly informative and aptly illustrated volume is that-throughout the past thirteen hundred years and continuing right up to the present moment-Chinese individuals from various walks of life have often displayed a serious interest in Tibetan Buddhism. Not only have they learned much from this complex, captivating religion, they have also taken concrete steps to support and popularize it. This fine book offers a welcome palliative to all the harsh rhetoric that customarily surrounds the Tibet-China conundrum.”—Victor Mair, Professor of Chinese Language and Literature University of Pennsylvania

“This splendid book about the multifaceted Tibetan-Chinese interactions through Buddhism will quickly become established as ground-breaking and authoritative in its field. The book is diverse in the different regions of the Chinese world that come under discussion, from Tibet, Qinghai and Sichuan to Beijing and Taiwan; and in the periods considered, which range from the seventh to the twenty-first centuries. And this book is a veritable storehouse of insight and information on Tibetan Buddhism in China, including art, thought and eminent personalities. The writing is objective, detailed and highly readable. I recommend it strongly.”—Colin Mackerras Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, Griffith University

“While the thorny issue of Tibet's autonomy is still not resolved, the story of the religious relationship between Tibet and China needs to be told. It has recently become a rich area of study, and researchers can now demonstrate that in the past Buddhism served to mediate relations between Tibetan ecclesiastical powers and the Chinese imperial court, and in effect, was a cultural lingua franca. This richly rewarding book is a part of Wisdom’s Studies in Indian and Tibetan Buddhism series and its eleven contributors have offered case studies spanning more than a millennium, right through to the Dalai Lama’s 1997 visit to Taiwan.”—Mandala