The Buddha’s Teachings on Prosperity - Table of Contents

At Home, At Work, In the World


248 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861715473

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Foreword by Arthur C. Clarke        
Chapter Organization          
Translation of Pali Texts     
Citation of Pali Sources        

Chapter 1: A Treasure Buried in Time      
Chapter 2: The Buddha’s View on Prosperity      
Chapter 3: Gaining Wealth
Chapter 4: Retaining Wealth          
Chapter 5: The Buddha’s View on Relationships
Chapter 6: Establishing a Marital Partnership     
Chapter 7: Being Proud Parents
Chapter 8: Dealing with Conflict
Chapter 9: Succeeding Socially       
Chapter 10: The Buddha’s View on Decision-Making     
Chapter 11: Correct Reasoning, Right Decisions  
Chapter 12: What Not to Do in Daily Life  
Chapter 13: Developing an Attractive Personality           
Chapter 14: Lasting Happiness           

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