Buddha at the Apocalypse - Table of Contents

Awakening from a Culture of Destruction


192 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861715824

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ISBN 9780861719372

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Foreword by Robert A.F. Thurman
Introduction: Welcome to the Apocalypse

Part I: World Despising
Chapter 1: In the Beginning of History     

Chapter 2: World Despising and the Origins of the Modern World      

Part II: World Embracing
Chapter 3: An End to History, an End to Suffering          
Chapter 4: One Body—The Hidden Ground of Liberation
Chapter 5: From Revolutionary Thinking to an Ecology of Mind           
Chapter 6: Images of Order in a Complex World 
Chapter 7: On and Off the Road of History           

Conclusion: Buddha at the Apocalypse     

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