The Book of Mu - Table of Contents

Essential Writings on Zen’s Most Important Koan


352 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861716432

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Foreword: The Great Koan, Your Dog (John Tarrant)
Introduction (James Ishmael Ford and Melissa Myozen Blacker)
On the Transliteration of Names    
The Koan Mu: Text, Commentary, and Verse (Wumen Huikai)

Historical Perspective: The First Teachers of the Koan Way
Three Commentaries (Dahui Zonggao)
Two Commentaries (Eihei Dogen)
Great Doubt (Hakuin Ekaku)

Founding Teachers in the West
Teisho on Joshu’s Dog (Shaku Soen)
Chao-chou’s Dog (Robert Aitken)
Working with Mu (Koryu Osaka)
Joshu’s Dog (Nyogen Senzaki)
Commentary on Joshu’s Mu (Yamamoto Gempo)
Commentary on Joshu’s Mu            (Harada Sogaku)
Commentary on the Koan Mu (Haku’un Yasutani)
Joshu’s Mu (Zenkei Shibayama)
Encouragement Talk (Philip Kapleau)
Joshu’s Dog (Koun Yamada)
First Gate: JoJu’s Dog (Seung Sahn)
Mu (Taizan Maezumi)
Method of Practice (Thich Thien-An)
The Experience of Wu (Sheng Yen)

Modern Commentaries
Three Commentaries (Shodo Harada)
Joshu’s Mu (Eido Shimano)
On the Utter, Complete, Total Ordinariness of Mu (James Ishmael Ford)
No Is Not the Opposite of Anything: Using Zhaozhou’s “Mu” in Zen Practice (Melissa Myozen Blacker)
Mu: Intimate and Simple (David Dae An Rynick)
It’s Not What You Think (Bodhin Kjolhede)
Using Poison to Get Rid of Poison (John Daido Loori)
Unromancing No (Joan Sutherland)
Practicing Mu, Arriving Home (Ruben L.F. Habito)
Even a Dog…? (Mitra Bishop)
Always at Home (Jan Chozen Bays)
At Home in the World (Rachel Mansfield-Howlett)
Turn the Light (Roko Sherry Chayat)
The Power of Possibility in the Unknown (Dae Gak)
A Thousand Miles the Same Mood (Susan Murphy)
Mysterious and Subtle, Simple and Straightforward (Elihu Genmyo Smith)
Give Yourself Away to Mu (Gerry Shishin Wick)
The Baby and the Bath Water (Barry Magid)
No. Nay. Never. Nyet. Iie. (John Tarrant)
Experiences with Joshu’s Mu (Jules Shuzen Harris)
Enjoying Mu (Kurt Spellmeyer)
Becoming Mu (Grace Schireson)
Joshu’s Dog (Elaine MacInnes)

Afterword (Melissa Myozen Blacker and James Ishmael Ford)

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