The Book of Mu - Praise

Essential Writings on Zen’s Most Important Koan


352 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861716432

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eBook Bundle (PDF, epub, mobi)


ISBN 9780861716098

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“This book brings us eyebrow-to-eyebrow with an unprecedentedly rich convocation of masters.”—Franz Metcalf, author of What Would Buddha Do?

“Words come alive in this wonderful collection, filled with laughter, tears, and wisdom.”—Mark Unno, author of Shingon Refractions

“The most important of all koans finally gets the attention it deserves. For those considering koan study, or just curious about this unique spiritual practice, this is a very valuable book.”—David R. Loy, author of Money, Sex, War, Karma and The World Is Made of Stories

“A delightful book based on a delightful idea—and a must-read for anyone interested in Zen.”—Mu Soeng, author of The Heart of the Universe

“A tremendous book, subtle and beautiful, whose power creeps up on you in the midst of reading it.”—Deborah Schoeberlein, author of Mindful Teaching and Teaching Mindfulness

“A thorough and wide-ranging look at the mother of all koans and a first-rate introduction to koans in general.”—Scott Edelstein, author of Sex and the Spiritual Teacher

“This book sets you wandering in uncharted territories of surprise and sudden freedom. If you dare risk the uncertainty of travel into the unknown, this is the book for you.”—Lin Jensen, author of Deep Down Things

“Useful, insightful, and lovely!”—Rafe Martin, author of The Banyan Deer

“Highly recommended.”—Noah Levine, author of Heart of the Revolution

“A book that people will want to read and return to again and again.”—Jeremy D. Safran, editor of Psychoanalysis and Buddhism

“Sure to inspire many Zen students and practitioners.”—Buddhadharma

“Like a love affair, the koan Mu will tear you open, if you let it. This book of caring, meticulous essays is a gentle shepherd, escorting both initiated and uninitiated readers to where we can hear Zen’s great monosyllable beginning to resound on its own.”—Kate Wheeler, editor of Nixon Under the Bodhi Tree and Other Works of Buddhist Fiction