The Book of Kadam - Table of Contents

The Core Texts


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Technical Note

Part One: The Father Teachings
I. Tree of Faith: A Self-Exhortation
     Dromtönpa (1005–64)       
II. Bodhisattva’s Jewel Garland
     Atiśa Dīpaṃkara (982–1054)        
The Jewel Garland of Dialogues  
     Title, Homage, and Preamble    
     1. Making Prostrations to the Distinguished Objects of Veneration
     2. How Instructions on the Four Divinities Were Conferred
     3. How to Choose the Three Sacred Scriptural Baskets         
     4. How to Strive by Engaging in Activity          
     5. How to Guard the Doors of the Senses and Hold Your Mind        
     6. How All Blame Lies in a Single Point            
     7. How to Relinquish the Objects of Abandonment and Engage in the Virtues      
     8. The Riches of the Noble Ones and the Khakkhara Staff    
     9. Songs of Perfect Purity          
     10. Cultivating through Honor and the Perfect Mode of Seeing      
     11. How to Nurture Sublime Beings and Their Deeds           
     12. How to Hoist Your Robes to Cross the Mires of Desire    
     13. How the Heritage of the Pure Way of Life Was Requested        
     14. Meditating on Perfect Equanimity of Excitation and Mental Laxity through Severing the Root of Suffering          
     15. How to Train the Mind within the Expanse of Appearance, Emptiness, and Empty Echoes  
     16. How He Engaged in the Hidden Conduct and So On       
     17. Not Forsaking the Pledges and the Excellence of the Perfect Spiritual Tradition        
     18. How to Help Guard Others’ Minds 
     19. Constantly Working for Others’ Welfare  
     20. Practicing the Profound Teaching without Defaming Other Teachings
     21.  Dedication and Purifying Negative Karma          
     22. Subsuming [All Higher Qualities] into Seven
     Riches and Bequeathing Them            
     23. The Two Examinations       
Elucidation of the Heart-Drop Practice
     Khenchen Nyima Gyaltsen (1223–1305) 

Part Two: The Son Teachings
V. The Spiritual Mentor’s Birth as the Brahman Youth Ujjvala  
VI. The Spiritual Mentor’s Birth as Prince Asaṅga in Kauśāmbhī
VII. The Spiritual Mentor’s Birth as the Youth Saṅghavardana in Magadha’s Lotus Region  
VIII. The Spiritual Mentor’s Birth as Prince Śaraṇadatta in the Town of Sukhavat     

Part Three: Supplementary Texts
IX. Summary Points of The Book of Kadam
     Gendün Gyatso, Second Dalai Lama (1476–1542)          
Heart-Instructions of The Book of Kadam
     Yongzin Yeshé Gyaltsen (1713–93)          
Sayings of the Kadam Masters
     Compiled by Chegom Sherap Dorjé (ca. twelfth century)          

Table of Tibetan Transliteration