The Book of Equanimity - Table of Contents

Illuminating Classic Zen Koans


352 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861713875

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ISBN 9780861718023

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Foreword by Bernie Glassman       

Case 1: The World-Honored One Ascends the Platform   
Case 2: Bodhidharma’s Vast Emptiness     
Case 3: An Invitation for the Patriarch       
Case 4: The World-Honored One Points to the Earth       
Case 5: Seigan’s Cost of Rice
Case 6: Baso’s White and Black
Case 7: Yakusan Takes the High Seat         
Case 8: Hyakujo’s Fox           
Case 9: Nansen Cuts a Cat    
Case 10: Joshu Sees Through the Old Woman     
Case 11: Ummon’s Two Sicknesses
Case 12: Jizo Plants the Field          
Case 13: Rinzai’s Blind Donkey      
Case 14: Attendant Kaku Serves Tea        
Case 15: Kyozan Plants His Mattock          
Case 16: Mayoku Thumps His Staff           
Case 17: Hogen’s Hair’s-Breadth   
Case 18: Joshu’s Dog           
Case 19: Ummon’s Mount Sumeru
Case 20: Jizo’s “Not Knowing Is the Most Intimate”        
Case 21: Ungan Sweeps the Ground         
Case 22: Ganto’s Bow and Shout    
Case 23: Roso Faces the Wall          
Case 24: Seppo’s Poison Snake      
Case 25: Enkan’s Rhinoceros-Horn Fan    
Case 26: Kyozan Points to Snow    
Case 27: Hogen Points to the Blind
Case 28: Gokoku’s Three Shames  
Case 29: Fuketsu’s Iron Ox 
Case 30: Daizui’s Kalpa Fire           
Case 31: Ummon’s Free-Standing Pillar    
Case 32: Kyozan’s State of Mind    
Case 33: Sansho’s Golden Carp      
Case 34: Fuketsu’s Speck of Dust   
Case 35: Rakuho’s Acquiescence  
Case 36: Baso’s Illness        
Case 37: Isan’s Karmic Consciousness      
Case 38: Rinzai’s True Man
Case 39: Joshu’s Bowl-Washing    
Case 40: Ummon’s White and Black          
Case 41: Rakuho’s Last Moments   
Case 42: Nanyo’s Washbasin          
Case 43: Razan’s Arising and Vanishing    
Case 44: Koyo’s Garuda Bird          
Case 45: The Sutra of Complete Awakening         
Case 46: Tokusan’s Completion of Study  
Case 47: Joshu’s Cypress Tree       
Case 48: Vimalakirti’s Nonduality  
Case 49: Tozan Offers to the Essence        
Case 50: Seppo’s “What’s This?”    
Case 51: Hogen’s “By Boat or Land”          
Case 52: Sozan’s Dharmakaya        
Case 53: Obaku’s Dregs      
Case 54: Ungan’s Great Compassionate One        
Case 55: Seppo the Rice Cook         
Case 56: Mishi’s White Rabbit        
Case 57: Genyo’s One Thing           
Case 58: The Diamond Sutra’s Reviling
Case 59: Seirin’s Deadly Snake      
Case 60: Ryutetsuma’s Old Cow       
Case 61: Kempo’s One Stroke        
Case 62: Beiko’s No Enlightenment           
Case 63: Joshu Asks About Death  
Case 64: Shisho’s Transmission       
Case 65: Shuzan’s New Bride           
Case 66: Kyuho’s Head and Tail      
Case 67: The Avatamsaka Sutra’s Wisdom             
Case 68: Kassan’s Slashing Sword  
Case 69: Nansen’s Cats and Cows  
Case 70: Shinzan Questions the Nature of Life    
Case 71: Suigan’s Eyebrows             
Case 72: Chuyu’s Monkey   
Case 73: Sozan’s Requited Filial Piety       
Case 74: Hogen’s Substance and Name    
Case 75: Zuigan’s Permanent Principle    
Case 76: Shuzan’s Three Phrases
Case 77: Kyozan Holds His Own     
Case 78: Ummon’s Farm Rice-Cake             
Case 79: Chosha Advances a Step  
Case 80: Ryuge Passes the Chin Rest        
Case 81: Gensha Comes to the Province   
Case 82: Ummon’s Sounds and Shapes    
Case 83: Dogo’s Nursing     
Case 84: Gutei’s One Finger
Case 85: The National Teacher’s Seamless Tomb
Case 86: Rinzai’s Great Enlightenment     
Case 87: Sozan’s With or Without  
Case 88: The Shurangama’s Unseen         
Case 89: Tozan’s No Grass  
Case 90: Kyozan Respectfully Declares It 
Case 91: Nansen’s Peony    
Case 92: Ummon’s One Treasure  
Case 93: Roso’s Not Understanding           
Case 94: Tozan’s Illness      
Case 95: Rinzai’s One Stroke          
Case 96: Kyuho’s Disapproval        
Case 97: Emperor Ko’s Cap
Case 98: Tozan’s Heed        
Case 99: Ummon’s Bowl and Pail   
Case 100: Roya’s Mountains and Rivers   

Appendix: Masters Referenced in The Book of Equanimity
I. Ancient Chinese and Japanese Ancestors
II. Indian Ancestors and Bodhisattvas
III. Modern Ancestors and Teachers
Suggested Further Reading