Blue Jean Buddha - Table of Contents

Voices of Young Buddhists


256 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861711772

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Foreword (Jack Kornfield)

Part I.  Lessons       

Lillian Guild: The Perfect Buddhist Boyfriend          
Paul W. Morris: The Backward Step
Ben Galland: Climbing with Tara     
David Zuniga: Running as Meditation          
Cameron Warner: Dream a Better Dream 
Jessica Morey: Ordinary Awakening
Claudia Heiman: Winning over Depression 
Hanuman Goleman: I’m a Mutt      
Sister Kristine: Life as a Vietnamese Nun    
Kenneth Lee: Drugs and the Dharma         
Jonathan Drummey: Getting Off the Cushion          
Liane C. Yasumoto: A Way of Life   
Julia Hengst: Going for the Guru      

Part II.   Life Stories           

Joshua M. Schrei: Growing Up with the Dharma Bums
Elijah Ary: Bridging East and West  
Jae-ho Lee: Extreme Care     
Noah Levine: A Dharma Punx Path
Hojo Tone: In My Father’s Footsteps           
V. Sharif Fennell: My Mom’s a Buddha       

Part III.  Livelihood            

Seth Castleman: If a Nice Jewish Boy Sits in a Cave, Does He Make a Difference?            
Hwansoo Kim: Caught in Indra’s Net           
Amy Darling: Halted Breath
Meggan Watterson: A Small Step from the Lotus  
Soren Gordhamer: Juvenile Hall Dharma   
Josh Krieger: Do Androids Dream of Electric Dharma?     
Adrienne Stauffer: Freeing Tibet, Freeing Myself   
Diane Biray Gregorio: A Flash of Lightning: Inner Revolution and Social Transformation           
Diana Winston: Socially Engaged Buddhism Inside-Out     

Part IV.  Reflections           

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