The Best of Inquiring Mind - Table of Contents

25 Years of Dharma, Drama, and Uncommon Insight


360 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861715510

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Preface (By Alan Novidor)
Introduction (By Barbara Gates and Wes Nisker)

I. Path of the Elders: East Moving West 

1. Conversation with a Spiritual Friend: An Interview with Joseph Goldstein  
2. Master of the Dhamma: An Interview with S.N. Goenka          
3. Stories of Dipa Ma, by Michele McDonald, Joseph Goldstein, Jack Kornfield, Carol Wilson, and Jack Engler         
4. The Happy Monk: An Interview with Ajahn Amaro     
5. The Timeless Teachings: An Interview with Sharon Salzberg
6. Bringing Mindfulness to Mainstream America: An Interview with Jon Kabat-Zinn 
7. Talkin’ ’bout Our G-G-Generations: Noah Levine in Conversation with Wes Nisker
8. Advice from the Dalai Lama (By Jack Kornfield)

II. Living & Dying in a Body          

1. Mr. Lucky (By Rick Kohn)
2. Getting It? Or How I Learned to Let Go (By Diana Winston)
3. Mara’s Daughter Turns Fifty: Belly Dancing for the Buddha (By Terry Vandive)
4. Coming Out Whole (By Caitriona Reed)
5. Meat Puppets (By Kate Lila Wheeler)   
6. Stories of Lives Lived and Now Ending (By Frank Ostaseski)
7. Gabe and the Medicine Buddha (By Rick Fields)         
8. Tsunami Psychologist (By Ronna Kabatznick) 

III. Science of Mind            

1. Beyond Mental Health: An Interview with Jack Kornfield      
2. Mystery Remains—A Scientist Meets a Monk: An Interview with Paul Ekman        
3. Two Person Meditation: Psychotherapy with Mark Epstein   
4. The Worst Zen Student That Ever Was: Reflections on Depression and Buddhist Practice (By Susan Moon)
5. What a Relief! I Don’t Exist—Buddhism and the Brain: An Interview with Francisco Varela          

IV. The Dharma & the Drama      

1. The Sacred and the Lost (By Norman Fischer)
2. Luck Disguised as Ordinary Life (By Nina Wise)
3. A Love Letter to Garbage (By Barbara Gates)
4. Looking at Fear: Memory of a Near Lynching (By Charlie Johnson )
5. Rhubarb (By Edward Espe Brown)          

V. Complementary Paths  

1. Complementary Paths: An Interview with Stephen Batchelor           
2. Devotional Practices and Vipassana: An Interview with Ram Dass    
3. Dzogchen and Vipassana: An Interview with Tsoknyi Rinpoche        
4. Who’s Asking the Questions Here?: A Non-interview with Hari Lal Poonja   
5. On Fearlessness and Fear: A Conversation with Tenzin Palmo, Ajahn Sundara, Ajahn Jitindriya, and Yvonne Rand      

VI. Practices

1. Why I Meditate (After Allen Ginsberg) (By Wes Nisker)
2. Technology of Breathing In and Out (By Santikaro)
3. Biting into the Mango: Doing Jhana Practice with Ayya Khema         
4. Passionate Dharma—Tantric Practice: An Interview with Miranda Shaw    
5. Buddhist Humor Practice: It Hurts So I Laugh (By Rev. Heng Sure)
6. Undiluted Dharma Practice: An Interview with Joseph Goldstein     
7. Compressing Eons of Lifetimes into One: Vajrayana Impermanence Practice (By Robert Thurman)

VII. Artists & Jesters of the Dharma      

1. Wisdom Crazy: An Interview with Steven Goodman   
2. Poems & Not Poems: Neruda’s Book of Questions (By Judith Stronach)
3. Illuminating the Sky of One Mind: Jack Kerouac as Dharma Ancestor (By Patrick McMahon)
4. Beat Poetry Returns the Dharma to China: An Interview with Allen Ginsberg
5. Notes on Sitting Beside a Noble Corpse— Light Breeze Stirring the Curtains, Blue—Faint Tremor of His Blue Shroud (By Anne Waldman)
6. The Big Awakening (By Andrew Cooper)
7. Meditations on Laundry (By Barbara Gates)    
8. John Cage and the Music of Sound        

VIII. Tending to the World           

1. The Third Turning of the Wheel: An Interview with Joanna Macy    
2. Chan on Turtle Island: An Interview with Gary Snyder          
3. In the Language of Love: A Conversation between Ajahn Pasanno and Julia Butterfly Hill            
4. The Nothingness of the Ground (By Wendy Johnson)
5. Indigenous Dharma—Native American and Buddhist Voices: Eduardo Duran, Lorain Fox Davis, Tsultrim Allione        
6. Just One Minute (By Naomi Baer)
7. Living Time, Not Doing Time: An Interview with Kiran Bedi and Lucia Meijer         
8. The Goddess Saves the Earth (By China Galland)
9. Stop! A Buddhist Is Here! (By Jarvis Masters)