The Best of Inquiring Mind - Praise

25 Years of Dharma, Drama, and Uncommon Insight


360 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861715510

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“Profound and entertaining, a highly readable time capsule from an extraordinary quarter century of North American Buddhism. If a given chapter doesn’t grab you, no problem. Turn the page and there will be something completely different. That’s the strength of this collection, which is both enjoyable and enlightening.”—Tricycle

“This is a great book. It’s funny, engaging, and entertaining. But, it’s also much more than that. It’s visionary. As with all great religious or spiritual literature, it offers a very different view of how the world is and how it might be. The real question remains: can we rise to the challenge?”—Powell's Books

The Best of Inquiring Mind is a completely engrossing read and a significant record of a magnificent journal’s work. It’s rare to be able to say that a book deserves to find a home on every practitioner’s bookshelf, where it can continue to motivate and otherwise benefit the reader…and I can say that without hesitation about this book. I’ll be revisiting and drawing inspiration from it for a long, long time.”—Wildmind

“I always look to the Inquiring Mind when I want authentic Dharma. In its pages you will find unadulterated truth.”—Ram Das

Inquiring Mind has for decades gathered and preserved essential wisdoms and knowledge of Buddhist practice in the West. This book is an indispensable conversation partner for anyone engaged in-- or curious about-- the way forward into a more awake life.”—Jane Hirshfield, author of Nine Gates

Inquiring Mind is a wonderful expression of Buddhism in the west—provocative, intelligent, creative, and fun. It has been on the leading edge for 25 years now, sowing seeds of wisdom, compassion, and community wherever it is read.”—Sharon Salzberg

Inquiring Mind is like a splash of cool water on your face in the morning; it wakes you up. Inquiring Mind is like a cup of fine coffee; it keeps you going with its dharma and humanity. Inquiring Mind is like a banana peel; it makes you laugh. Inquiring Mind is simply one of the great treasures of the Buddhist journals that we have in the West.”—Jack Kornfield

“Among the many Dharma magazines published nowadays in the States, Inquiring Mind stands out for the quality of its in-depth articles and commitment to authentic practice. Buddhists in the western world are fortunate to have access to such a wealth of Dharma instruction written in a helpful and lucid manner.”—Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo

Inquiring Mind is in a class by itself, a Dharma jewel,great clarity, vast scope, and willing to take on the tough issues.”—Jon Kabat-Zinn

Inquiring Mind captures the creative, expansive expression of Dharma in the West. It explores the on-going challenge of bringing the depth and timelessness of the Buddha’s teachings to the specific conditions of our times. A wonderful integration of dharma and daily life.”—Joseph Goldstein, author of A Heart Full of Peace

“Over the years Inquiring Mind has been a spiritual friend to me, providing no-nonsense inspiration and marvelous company.”—Joanna Macy, author World as Lover, World as Self.

“The ‘mind’ in Inquiring Mind is consistently engaging, abundantly curious, articulate and reliable. The articles go deep, without any glitz or presumption, prompting thoughtfulness and often new insights on the part of the reader. The aesthetics support and complement the written material. I would like to see Inquiring Mind proclaimed on a banner flown from a blimp floating in the skies over the San Francisco Bay.”—Yvonne Rand, Zen teacher at the San Francisco Zen Center

“Celebrating 25 years of authentic voice and spirit Inquiring Mind is a true anchorage for those who seek deep ground in tumultuous times. Here is a publication that walks its talk, is beautifully written, edited, illustrated and designed. Inquiring Mind speaks the living vernacular of engaged dharma practice for all beings.”—Wendy Johnson, author of Gardening at the Dragons Gate

“As a long time fan of Inquiring Mind, I’m delighted to see this collection of some of the tastier selections from this semiannual feast. Treat yourself to some mindful pleasures for the mind and heart, and graze this book.”—Daniel Goleman

“Worth savoring in detail.”—Tricycle Editors Blog

The Best of Inquiring Mind is a must for any Buddhist who seeks food for thought about their philosophy and faith.”—The Midwest Review of Books