Classic and Contemporary Buddhist Works

The Beginner’s Guide to Insight Meditation - Table of Contents



1. The Possibility of Change: A Cinderella Story   
EXERCISE: Taking Refuge   

2. Meditation: The Path to Transforming Our Lives        

EXERCISE: A Guided Sitting Meditation    
EXERCISE: A Guided Walking Meditation 
EXERCISE: Movement Meditation  
EXERCISE: Daily Practice    

3. Difficulties in Meditation—and Life       
EXERCISE: The Hindrances

4. The Buddha’s Basic Teachings: The Four Noble Truths          
EXERCISE: Investigating Suffering

5. The Eightfold Path: Wisdom       
EXERCISE: Wise Intention  

6. The Eightfold Path: Morality      
EXERCISE:  The Precepts    

7. The Eightfold Path: Mental Discipline   

EXERCISE: Wise Effort        
EXERCISE: The Four Foundations of Mindfulness           

8. Living Practice and the Divine Abodes  
EXERCISE: Daily Practice    

9. Our Guides and Supports: Teachers, Sanghas, and Retreats  

10. The 2,500-Year Journey           

11. Frequently Asked Questions    

Epilogue: The Sangha of One World 
Selected Texts          
Suggestions for Further Reading   
Insight Meditation Centers and Resources           
Glossary of Selected Terms in Buddhism  
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