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The Beginner’s Guide to Insight Meditation - Preface


We hope this book touches that part of you which has longed for freedom but hasn’t given it a name and which has yearned for lasting happiness but hasn’t thought it possible. We hope this book provides a gate- way through which you meet these yearnings, entering the world of the Dharma, the Buddha’s teachings.

One of the remarkable aspects of Insight Meditation—also called Theravada (“Teaching of the Elders”) Buddhism, or Vipassana (“insight meditation” in the Pali language of the Buddha’s time)—is that this path is very simple. Not always easy, but possible. Although no one can know when the results of a spiritual path will manifest, we can be certain that the efforts described here and our endeavors in honor of our heart’s liberation will bear fruit. May we find

Grace to live with an open heart and humor amid the turbulence of life’s changes
Presence that illuminates our lives and guides us in truth
Compassion to hold all life’s pain and suffering

Arinna Weisman and Jean Smith


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