Becoming Vajrasattva - Table of Contents

The Tantric Path of Purification


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Editor’s Introduction           

Part 1: The Main Commentary    

1. Why and How We Purify  

The four opponent powers 

2. Taking Refuge        

Taking refuge and generating bodhichitta           
Visualizing the object of refuge      
The three ways to take refuge       

3. Inner Refuge and Meditation on Emptiness          

Understanding shunyata    
Generating bodhicitta          
The vase meditation: the nine-round breathing exercise           

4. The Actual Yoga Method   

The initial visualization       
Making offerings to Heruka Vajrasattva    
The initiation
Offerings and praise to Heruka Vajrasattva         

5. The Purification     

Mantra recitation     

6. The Concluding Practices   


Part 2: Retreat Instructions         

7. Getting Ready for Retreat  

Qualifications for retreat     
Where to retreat      
When to start retreat          
Some general preparations
What to eat   
Cleaning the retreat place  
The meditation seat 
The rosary    
Arranging the altar  

8. The Retreat Session           

The daily schedule   
Just before the session        
Beginning the sessions        
Sessions in general  
The sadhana 
Mantra recitation     
Ending the session   

9. More Retreat Advice          

Between sessions     
Retreat in general    
Group retreat           

Part 3: Discourses 

10. No Negativity Cannot be Completely Purified
11. An Initiation into Heruka Vajrasattva  
The Heruka Vajrasattva initiation  
12. A Brief Commentary on the Vajrasattva Sadhana     
The sadhana 

Questions and answers       
Fire puja        

13. Vajrasattva Practice and Highest Yoga Tantra           
14. The Qualities of Vajrasattva Are Already within Us  
15. Action Is Everything      

Part 4: Heruka Vajrasattva Tsok

16. What Is Tsok?     
17. Heruka Vajrasattva Tsok: The First Commentary      
18. Heruka Vajrasattva Tsok: The Second Commentary  


1. The Yoga Method of the Glorious Supreme Heruka Vajrasattva        
2. The Heruka Vajrasattva Tsok Offering  
3. Tibetan Texts       
4. Translation and Explanation of the Hundred-Syllable Mantra          
5. Blessing the Shi-dak Torma

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