Be an Island - Table of Contents

The Buddhist Practice of Inner Peace


160 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861711475

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ISBN 9780861719099

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Foreword by Sandy Boucher          

Opening the Heart and Mind
1. Taking Refuge: A Kind of Love Affair     
2. The Dhamma of the Blessed One           

Building a Strong Foundation
3. Views and Opinions         
4. To Control One’s Mind    
5. Ignorance  
6. Dukkha for Knowledge and Vision        
7. Malleable Mind    

Living in the World
8. Harmonious Living           
9. Talking to One Another   
10. Accepting Oneself          
11. Ideal Solitude     
12. Be Nobody          
13. War and Peace   

Nuts and Bolts
14. Many Drops Fill a Bucket          
15. Nonduality          
16. Our Underlying Tendencies     
17. Sorrowless, Stainless, and Secure        

Mature Practice
18. Relating to Oneself        
19. Tender Loving Care       
20. Stretching the Mind to the Impossible
21. Renunciation      
22. Emptying the Heart       

A Glimpse of Liberation
23 Liberation Here and Now          
24. Path and Fruit

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