The Awakening Mind - Table of Contents

The Foundation of Buddhist Thought, Volume 4


192 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861715107

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Foreword by Lama Zopa Rinpoche
Editor’s Preface

1. Awakening from the Sleep of Selfishness

The Essence of the Buddha’s Teachings
The Benefits of Bodhichitta

The Immediate Benefits
The Long-Term Benefits

2. Steps on the Path

Renunciation and Stability

The Equanimity of Feeling
The Equanimity of Application
Immeasurable Equanimity

The Changeable Nature of Relationships
Lessening Our Aversion
The Meditation on Equanimity      

3. The Intuitive Route to Selflessness

The Main Mind of Bodhichitta

The Two Mental Factors That Make Up Bodhichitta
The Seven Points of Cause and Effect       
Establishing the Basis for Developing the Aspiration to Benefit All Beings       

All Beings Have Been Our Mothers
Recalling the Kindness of Others   
Resolving to Repay the Kindness   

The Actual Method of Cultivating the Aspiration to Benefit All Beings  

The Cultivation of Affectionate Love          
The Cultivation of Compassion       
Special Intention      

Cultivating the Aspiration to Attain Full Enlightenment
The Result     

4. Turning Self-Cherishing Around        

The Rational Route to Compassion            
Equalizing Oneself with Others      

Understanding Suffering    
The Equality of All Beings   

Exchanging Oneself with Others    

Turning Self-Cherishing Around    
Choosing to Be Selfless        
The Power of Familiarity     
The Block of Seeing Self and Others as Different

Taking and Giving    
The Actual Meditation         
The Combination of the Two Methods      
How the Two Methods Combine    
The Four Causes, the Four Conditions and the Four Forces        

The Four Causes      
The Four Conditions
The Four Forces       

5. Enhancing the Awakening Mind         

Aspiring and Engaging Bodhichitta           
Holding Aspiring Bodhichitta with a Ritual           
The Bodhisattva Vows         

Differences Between the Three Vows       
Breaking and Restoring a Vow       

The Twenty-two Types of Bodhichitta      
Maintaining and Enhancing Bodhichitta in This and Future Lifetimes 

Maintaining and Enhancing Bodhichitta in This Lifetime           
Maintaining and Enhancing Bodhichitta in Future Lifetimes 
Maintaining Bodhichitta through Mind Training 

6. The Bodhisattva’s Activities    

The Six Perfections  
The Perfection of Generosity          

The Three Kinds of Generosity      
The Six Extraordinary Factors        
The Main Obstacles to Practicing Generosity        

The Perfection of Morality  
The Three Kinds of Morality          
The Perfection of Patience  
The Three Kinds of Patience          
The Perfection of Joyous Perseverance     
The Three Kinds of Joyous Perseverance 
The Perfections of Concentration and Wisdom    

The Four Means of Drawing Sentient Beings to the Dharma     

Appendix: Eight Verses on Mind Training   
About the Authors   
The Foundation of Buddhist Thought