Awake at the Bedside - Table of Contents

Contemplative Teachings on Palliative and End-of-Life Care

Thought leaders in the field of contemplative caregiving offer resilience, wisdom, and freedom for those who keep watch at the bedside.



368 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9781614291190

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Foreword (His Holiness the Karmapa)

Preface (Koshin Paley Ellison)

Introduction (Koshin Paley Ellison and Matt Weingast)

Poem: Kozan Ichikyo

One: Transforming the Care of Serious Illness (Diane Meier)

Two: Watch with Me (Dame Cicely Saunders)

Poem: The Promise (Marie Howe)

Poem: The Gate (Marie Howe)

Poem: For Three Days (Marie Howe)

Poem: The Last Time (Marie Howe)

Poem: What the Living Do (Marie Howe)

Three: Mindfulness Is Not a Part-Time Job: Dementia, Flowers, and Attention (Issan Dorsey)

Four: Unfinished Business and How You Know That You Know (Elisabeth Kübler-Ross)

Five: Creating a Dharma Vision (Anyen Rinpoche)

Poem: Lucky (Tony Hoagland)

Poem: Medicine (Tony Hoagland)

Six: Meeting the Divine Messengers (Bhikkhu Bodhi)

Seven: The Healing Encounter: Meeting One Another in the Space Between (Judy Lief)

Poem: Hospital Song (Rafael Campo)

Poem: Hospital Writing Workshop (Rafael Campo)

Eight: Taking the Precepts as Your Guide: How to Approach Difficult Decisions, Accept the Consequences, and Not Keep Yourself Up All Night (Craig D. Blinderman)

Nine: Meditation Practice: A Practice of Dying (Joseph Goldstein)

Poem: The Washing of the Body (Nick Flynn)

Ten: Redefining the Metaphor for Dying (Ram Dass)

Eleven: Acknowledging the Shadow (Rodney Smith)

Poem: Senryu

Twelve: Becoming (and Sustaining) the Bodhisattvas We Already Are (Michael Kearney and Radhule Weininger)

Poem: Appointment (Jason Shinder)

Poem: Afterbody (Jason Shinder)

Poem: Untitled (Jason Shinder)

Thirteen: The Raw Spot (Norman Fischer)

Poem: Love After Love (Derek Walcott)

Fourteen: A Good Enough Death (Joshua Bright)

Fifteen: A Theravada Approach to Spiritual Care of the Dying and Deceased (Gil Fronsdal)

Poem: Touch Me (Stanley Kunitz)

Poem: Passing Through (Stanley Kunitz)

Poem: The Layers (Stanley Kunitz)

Sixteen: More Than Just a Medical Event (Kirsten DeLeo)

Seventeen: Our Real Home (Ajahn Chah)

Poem: For the Anniversary of My Death (W. S. Merwin)

Poem: Separation (W. S. Merwin)

Eighteen: Don’t Wait for Tomorrow: Six Meditations on Death and Dying (Stephen and Ondrea Levine)

Poem: Sunao

Nineteen: A Lesson in Compassion (Betsy MacGregor)

Poem: A Bowl (Rumi)

Poem: Bird Wings (Rumi)

Poem: The Guest House (Rumi)

Twenty: The Third Messenger: Death Is Unavoidable (Larry Rosenberg)

Twenty-one: The Last Kiss (Fernando Kogen Kawai)

Twenty-two: Attunement: Meditations on Compassion (Frank Ostaseski)

Poem: Turtle, Swan (Mark Doty)

Poem: The Embrace (Mark Doty)

Twenty-three: In the Silence of Leaving (Robert Chodo Campbell)

Twenty-four: Four Stories about Seeing Around the Corner (Rachel Naomi Remen)

Poem: Kindness (Naomi Shihab Nye)

Twenty-five: Finding What Life Is (Shodo Harada)

Twenty-six: Imagining People Well (Ira Byock)




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