Classic and Contemporary Buddhist Works

The Attention Revolution - Table of Contents

Unlocking the Power of the Focused Mind


Foreword by Daniel Goleman         

The Beginning Stages: Minding the Breath
Stage 1: Directed Attention 
Interlude: Loving-Kindness
Stage 2: Continuous Attention        
Interlude: Compassion
Stage 3: Resurgent Attention          
Interlude: Empathetic Joy   
Stage 4: Close Attention      
Interlude: Equanimity         

The Intermediate Stages: Settling the Mind
Stage 5: Tamed Attention   
Interlude: Tonglen—“Giving and Taking”
Stage 6: Pacified Attention  
Interlude: Lucid Dreaming—Daytime Practice    
Stage 7: Fully Pacified Attention    
Interlude: Lucid Dreaming—Nighttime Practice  

The Advanced Stages: Illuminating Awareness
Stage 8: Single-Pointed Attention
Interlude: Dream Yoga—Daytime Practice           
Stage 9: Attentional Balance           
Interlude: Dream Yoga—Nighttime Practice
Stage 10: Shamatha 
Conclusion: A Look Ahead   

Appendix: Synopsis of the Nine Stages