Approaching the Great Perfection - Table of Contents

Simultaneous and Gradual Methods of Dzogchen Practice in the Longchen Nyingtig


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List of Abbreviations

Part I: Introduction
Chapter One: Approaches to Enlightenment

  1. The Great Perfection
  2. Simultaneous and Gradual

Chapter Two: Jigme Lingpa

  1. The Life and Education of Jigme Lingpa
  2. Jigme Lingpa’s Works

Chapter Three: The Longchen Nyingtig

  1. Treasure Texts
  2. Revelation, Writing, and Publishing
  3. The Contents of the Longchen Nyingtig

Part II: Simultaneous and Gradual
Chapter Four: Immanence and Distinction

  1. Key Concepts of the Seminal Heart
  2. Immanence
  3. Distinction
  4. Reconciling Immanence with Distinction: The Buddha Nature

Chapter Five: The Simultaneous Approach

  1. Criticism of Causal Practice
  2. Criticism of Inferior Approaches
  3. The Rejection of Stages in Realization

Chapter Six: The Gradual Approach          

  1. Graduated Practice within the Longchen Nyingtig          
  2. Levels of Realization

Chapter  Seven:  Interpretation  and  Reconciliation       

  1. Simultaneous and Gradual Realization: The Levels of Ability     
  2. The Manifestation of Enlightenment: The Khyung Bird 

Chapter Eight: Conclusions

Part  III:  Translations
Technical note on the translations 

Treasure Texts

  1. The Great Perfection Tantra of the Expanse of Samantabhadra’s Wisdom (YLG)      
  2. The Subsequent Tantra of Great Perfection Instruction (GP)    
  3. Experiencing the Enlightened Mind of Samantabhadra (KGN) 
  4. Distinguishing the Three Essential Points of the Great Perfection (NSB)         

Pure Visions

  1. An Aspirational Prayer for the Ground, Path, and Result (ML) 
  2. Vajra Verses on the Natural State (DTK)

Supporting Texts

  1. The White Lotus (PK)         
  2. The Words of the Omniscient One (KZL)  
  3. The Lion’s Roar That Destroys the Deviations of Renunciants Meditating on the Seminal Heart (SN)
  4. Seeing Nakedly the Natural State of the Great Perfection (NCT)

Part  IV:  Critical  Editions
Technical note on the critical editions

  1. rDzogs pa chen po kun tu bzang po ye shes klong gi rgyud       
  2. Man ngag rdzogs pa chen po rgyud phyi ma       
  3. Kun tu bzang po’i dgongs nyams   
  4. rDzogs pa chen po’i gnad gsum shan byed          
  5. gZhi lam bras bu’i smon lam          
  6. gNas lugs rdo rje tshig rkang          
  7. rGyab brten padma dkar po           
  8. Kun mkhyen zhal lung        
  9. Gol shor tshar gcod seng ge ngar ro          
  10. rDzogs pa chen po gnas lugs cer mthong

Appendix I: The Structure of the Yeshe Lama (YL)         
Appendix II: Concordance of Common Words Relating to Mind and Mental Events   
Appendix  III: List of Tibetan Proper Names