Abhidhamma Studies - Table of Contents

Buddhist Explorations of Consciousness and Time


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Editor’s Introduction           

I. The Abhidhamma Philosophy: Its Estimation in the Past, Its Value for the Present
II. The Twofold Method of Abhidhamma Philosophy
III. The Schema of Classification in the Dhammasaṅgaṇī
IV. The List of Mental Constituents in the Dhammasaṅgaṇī          

            1. General Remarks

            2. The Pentad of Sense-Contact

            3. The Factors of Absorption

            4. The Faculties

            5. The Powers

            6. The Path Factors

            7. The Wholesome Roots

            8. The Ways of Action

            9. The Guardians of the World

            10. The Six Pairs of Qualitative Factors

            11. The Helpers

            12. The Paired Combination

            13. The Last Dyad

            14. The Supplementary Factors

            15. Gradations of Intensity among Parallel Factors

            16. Concluding Remarks

V. The Problem of Time     

1. Time and Consciousness 

2. Planes of Time      

3. The Concept of the Present in the Abhidhamma         

4. Concluding Remarks

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