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The mindful well-being checklist

by Kestrel Slocombe
February 4, 2015
Wed, 02/04/2015 - 10:44 -- Kestrel Slocombe

A helpful list from Life is Spiritual Practice by Jean Smith.


1. Do I avoid becoming overtired by regularly getting enough sleep or resting when I need to?

2. Do I dress warmly or coolly enough for the seasonal temperature? Do I wear a hat for warmth or to prevent overexposure to the sun?

3. Do I always wear sunblock or covering clothing when the sun is strong in the summer or when I am doing winter sports?

4. Do I wear suitable shoes for my activity level?

5. Do I have routine medical examinations, including mammograms, pap tests, or prostrate-cancer screening, as frequently as recommended for someone my age?


1. Do I plan into my life the time for leisure activities such as reading, going to lectures, or taking courses?

2. Do I avoid, as much as possible, spending time with negative people who can pull me into emotionally stressful situations?

3. Do I avoid indulging in self-pity, self-criticism, and other negative ways of reinforcing a sense of self?

4. Do I avoid unwise speech, such as gossip, and action, such as driving recklessly?

5. Do I avoid situations that violate the five precepts and cause remorse?

6. Do I make time for daily meditation?

7. Do I try to see reality as it is or do I escape through overdoing or sleeping or eating to avoid unpleasant aspects?

8. Do I ever set aside the time to check myself against the four foundations of mindfulness to get a sense of how I am doing spiritually?

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