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In Other News...a special ‘Being Gay and Buddhist’ speaker, and more

by Kestrel Slocombe
June 12, 2014
Thu, 06/12/2014 - 16:12 -- Kestrel Slocombe
  • Only the Occasional Brothel The “unconstrained conduct” of Zen is more literary trope than pervasive practice. (Via Tricycle)
  • George Takei to address “Being Gay, Being Buddhist” seminar - George Takei–yes, that George Takei: Star Trek’s Mr. Sulu, social activist, daily humor dispenser to his more than seven million Facebook fans—will boldly go to Berkeley, CA, June 28 on a serious mission: delivering the keynote address for a seminar entitled “Being Gay, Being Buddhist – The LGBTQ Community and Shin Buddhism,” organized by the Buddhist Churches of America (BCA). (Via Shambhala SunSpace)
  • The Creative Power of Mindfulness - “When I embrace impermanence I recognize it as the fertile ground for creation and change; like soft, workable clay I can use to sculpt a beautiful piece of art.” (Via Wildmind)

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