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Wisdom in the World: The Hidden Lamp + David Loy in California

by Kestrel Slocombe
April 4, 2014
Fri, 04/04/2014 - 10:32 -- Kestrel Slocombe

Unveiling the Hidden Lamp of Women’s Wisdom It’s a joyful thing to see our authors out in the world, sharing their wisdom and compassion with communties across the country. We were very happy to see that authors Florence Caplow and Susan Moon will be teaching at Spirit Rock in California with contributor Anna Douglas. As Spirit Rock writes, “This daylong retreat is based on the stories in the ground-breaking new book, The Hidden Lamp: Stories from Twenty-Five Centuries of Awakened Women. Join co-editors Florence Caplow and Susan Moon and contributor Anna Douglas in exploring the remarkable and largely unknown stories and koans of Buddhist women of the past. The stories are poetic, irreverent, and sometimes very funny. These stories are mirrors for our own life and practice, whether we are male or female. During the course of the day, we’ll dive into these stories in silence, in small-group dialogues, in writing, and playful enactment. We’ll tell each other some stories of our own. We’ll certainly laugh, we’ll probably cry, and we’ll appreciate the wisdom and courage inherent in our own lives. We’ll include some silent periods of sitting and walking meditation. Open to women and men and transgender persons.” Click here to learn more abouy the retreat, and here to explore The Hidden Lamp.

Awakening in Service and Social Action - An Interview with Donald Rothberg and David Loy. An excerpted quote from David: “The Buddha didn’t have much to say about evil generally, but he said a lot about the three roots of evil or three poisons: greed, aggression and delusion. Today we need to recognize that they have become more institutionalized. Our economic system institutionalizes greed or "never enough" behavior: consumers never consume enough, corporations are never profitable enough, GNP is never big enough and so on. Our military-industrial complex institutionalizes aggression. To justify all that money and power, it needs an enemy—thank goodness for the war on terror!  And the media institutionalize delusion: their primary concern is not to inform us, but to make money from advertising, which means they promote a certain worldview that accepts and perpetuates present social and economic structures.” Read more here.

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