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New Review of How to Wake Up

by Lydia Anderson
March 31, 2014
Mon, 03/31/2014 - 16:54 -- landerson

One of the best parts of working at a publishing house is reading finding great reviews in surprising places. I'm happy to share this latest review of How to Wake Up from the University City Public Library Book Challenge:

I read Toni's first book How to Be Sick when it came out in 2011 and was excited to hear that she had written another.  This one is, perhaps, even more powerful because there is no question that everyone can relate to joy and sorrow in life.  Each chapter is short but provides a solid method with examples to be a better person and lead a fuller more satisfying life.  If any part of it seems too optimistic, the author provides personal examples of where she has failed in the past and how she coped with the failure.  One of my favorites is just deciding that is is OK to fail occasionally.  YES!  Even at our best, we are never perfect and it is ok, give yourself a break and move on.  As always, the lessons here are abundant, helpful and will lead to a better life if practiced.  I'm already looking forward to Bernhard's next book.

Thank you, Christa!

Reprinted with permission from University City Public Library Book Challenge.

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