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In Other News...25 years of Wisdom in America

by Lydia Anderson
December 9, 2013
Mon, 12/09/2013 - 16:22 -- landerson
  • Publishers Weekly looks at Wisdom's past twenty-five years in America as we look to our next twenty-five (and more!)
  • We've known it for years, but yet another study has linked health benefits to meditation.
  • Still stumped on your gift-list? Head over to the Shambhala Sun auction! There's still time to bid on some great items (including a few from Wisdom!).
  • Wild Fox Zen asks "Is Buddhism best?"
  • American  Buddhist Perspective marked Enlightenment Day by sharing some gorgeous photos from Justin's 2010 trip to Bodhgaya.
  • And Monkey Mind's James Ford shared his own lovely picture from yesterday's celebration.
  • We were thrilled to see another great review of The Hidden Lamp at Spirituality & Health.

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