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In Other News...How to practice with goals, mindful childbirth, & more

by Kestrel Slocombe
November 19, 2013
Tue, 11/19/2013 - 15:08 -- Kestrel Slocombe
  • Goalless Goals - How do we hold goals in Buddhist practice? When do they help, and when do they hinder? Barbara O’Brien of Buddhism explores this fascinating topic. “A beginner’s practice and a great Zen master’s practice are not different. However, if you think practice is something you do to obtain enlightenment, that is delusion. You will be creating huge barriers for yourself.”
  • Good Training Opportunities - Jade Mountains discusses whether or not it’s helpful to look forward to certain happenings as “good training opportunities.”
  • Video: Mindful Birthing - has this video of Nancy Bardacke, author of Mindful Birthing, talks about the Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting program. 
  • Mindfulness and Clear Water - At Beginner’s Heart, Britton Gildersleeve on the practice of seeing through, as through clear water, to the bottom of things.

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