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Welcome to The Wisdom Blog!

by Lydia Anderson
September 12, 2013
Thu, 09/12/2013 - 10:31 -- landerson

Welcome to Wisdom’s new blog! The Wisdom Blog explores and illuminates classic and contemporary Buddhist thought and practice. Featuring rich selections, vivid quotes, and insightful commentary from the vast library of Wisdom titles, the blog is a gateway to the great expanse of knowledge encompassed in our catalog.

We also feature exclusive interviews with our authors, original pieces by Wisdom staff and editors, and lots of material from other sources—news, video, photography, interviews, and more. Here you’ll find helpful guidance in contemplative practice, the latest developments in the Buddhist community, and updates about exciting events near you.

Follow The Wisdom Blog and discover a lively, thoughtful, broad-ranging exploration of Buddhist traditions old and new. We encourage you to join the discussion! Blog posts will be open to moderated comments (click here to read our comment policy).

Thanks, and happy reading!

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