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Happy Mindfulness Day!

by Lydia Anderson
September 12, 2013
Thu, 09/12/2013 - 16:49 -- landerson

Today is the third annual Mindfulness Day! Mindfulness Day was created to promote mindfulness across the country and the globe and to celebrate mindfulness through workshops, meditation groups, or simply taking a few minutes out of their days to be mindful.

Mindfulness has already gone beyond Buddhism and “spiritual culture” and is being appreciated by practitioners of psychotherapy, general medicine, education, and even the military. Mindfulness Day aims to raise awareness in the general population about the value and benefit mindfulness brings.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of developing presence in all aspects of our lives—whether we are working, driving, gardening, cleaning, or having dinner with our families. Practitioners of mindfulness find that a mindful approach to relationships leads to greater relationship satisfaction, that a mindful approach to exercise both increases its benefits and supports a healthier lifestyle, and that mindful eating leads to better nutrition.

Mindfulness Day offers people a chance to recharge by integrating mindfulness into their lives in their own personal way. This day offers individuals and communities a chance to embrace a practice they may have heard about, experiment with it, and make it their own if they enjoy it.

Mindfulness is, as Bhante G says, "the cultivation of the mind toward the aim of seeing in the special way that leads to insight and full understanding." We cultivate this special way of seeing life in order to find peace by diving into reality, rather than being distracted from it by short-term materialistic pursuits. 

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